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Cécile Claude

Cécile Claude, Coordinator, France, Central Europe and Russia

I came to Quebec in 2010 and after a few trips in la belle province, I became an adopted Quebecker. I work at VOT as an operations coordinator specializing in European destinations. Central and Eastern Europe and more specifically Russia are my favourites. I am always ready to explore new horizons! "The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page", Saint Augustine.
Étienne Cousseau

Étienne Cousseau, Coordinator, Europe, Asia and Africa

After I finished school, I decided to follow my long-time passion for history and travel by studying tourism and guiding. The vagaries of life brought me to Canada, where I have lived for a little over five years. I have always been drawn to discovery and new and unique adventures. I will help you plan your trips to Europe and Asia!
Geneviève Moisan

Geneviève Moisan, Coordinator, Europe

I studied tourism, and after several years’ experience in the field, I understand what travellers need and dream about. Discovery, adventure, history, culture—it will be my pleasure to organize your customized trip so that it is fun and leaves you with wonderful memories. I leave you with this quote from Francis Bacon, "Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience."
Vanessa Riverin

Vanessa Riverin, Coordinator, Europe

A young graduate in tourism, I am ready to share my desire to discover the world. Through my studies, I have acquired a lot of knowledge that allows me to respond to your needs. I would also be delighted to share my passion with you. I will be mainly responsible for European destinations. I especially subscribe to a quote from Loick Peyron: "The most beautiful trip is the one we have not yet undertaken.”
Caroline Martin

Caroline Martin, Coordinator, Latin America and community trips

I’ve been passionate about travel since I was a kid and I made the decision to study tourism in a heartbeat. My journey led me to guide groups in Mexico and Guatemala and to live in a Guatemalan community. My belief that travel offers rich rewards to those who are lucky enough to experience it happily brought me to VOT where I organize cultural and community trips. I would be extremely pleased to organize your adventure and I can’t wait to see the stars in the eyes of returning participants!
Dyna Castellon

Dyna Castellon, Coordinator, Latin America and community trips

I studied sustainable tourism in Nicaragua. I am passionate about travel, culture, diversity and ecology. I am thrilled to have joined the VOT family, as the company’s mission aligns with my values and career path. I organize trips to Latin America: a fantastic mosaic of colours, tastes and customs.
Stéphanie Daigneault

Stéphanie Daigneault, Coordinator, Latin America and community trips

I have a degree in sustainable development and international relations, but above all, I am someone who loves to go on adventures. It’s during a trip in Costa Rica when I was still a teenager that I felt in love with this small country and the Spanish language. After many travels and professional experiences abroad, I developed a passion for Latin America. Having worked in 2016 in the development of communitarian and sustainable tourism in Nicaragua, it is on my return to the country that I decided to make the big leap in the world of tourism. Joining my passion for travelling and my academic background, it is with great pleasure that I will organize your travels in Latin America.
Marcel Mueller

Marcel Mueller, Coordinator,
Africa and Asia

''A person caught in the larger landscape of the human condition...'' I am a guide, lecturer, teacher, professional photographer, but above all I am a passionate traveller. I had the opportunity to visit a multitude of countries and to have spent a good part of my life travelling. Discovery and adventure are my greatest motivations. But above all, I want to share the feeling of stepping outside the norm toward something that will change a person forever. Today, I have joined the VOT team to develop the African and Asian side.
Francis Côté

Francis Côté,
General Director

When I co-founded Voyages Objectif Terre in 1998, I created a company that allows me to combine my background in history with a passion for travel. As General Director, I take care of several major files and supervise the operations of Voyages Objectif Terre. I can present all our destinations in detail and develop a customized itinerary. And of course, I am always up for discovering new destinations!
Julie Roger

Julie Roger, President

I am a Voyages Objectif Terre co-founder and hold the position of Executive Director. I coordinate the management of VOT and wrestle with exchange rates all day long. My greatest joy is discovering the destinations we offer with my three children; it’s the definition of mixing business with pleasure!